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Follow Me to Google+

I wrote my first post on this blog in January 2007.

In 2007, this blog was the easiest way I had to write my thoughts down for people who cared to read them. I wrote long posts and short post (but mostly long posts). I wrote deeply technical posts. I wrote proposals. I wrote introductory posts.

I did not post often.

In 2012, there are many more ways to write and reach an audience. I write whimsically on Twitter. I write personally on Facebook. More and more, I find that I write casually on Google+.

Without the 140-character constraint of Twitter, I can start writing and stop when I reach the end of a thought. Unlike the long-form nature of my blog, I find myself writing often, whenever something is on my mind. If you're interested in reading that sort of thing, follow my Google+ profile. Because I never remember to include one person's Google+ account in my reading rotation, I made it easy: plus.yehudakatz.com.

I'll keep posting long-form pieces here. To keep things simple, I'll always link to them from Google+. If you follow me there, I'll make sure you always know when I post something, wherever that happens to be. If you care, join me on Google+.