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Merb 1.0.2

We're releasing Merb 1.0.2 today, which is just a small number of patches that address some of the most urgent issues:

  • Some of the built-in rake tasks were deleting some gems that were in the specs as fixtures. This only affected people building Merb from the git sources, and is now resolved.
  • The Merb source code hardcoded in certain versions in multiple places. We have removed another such case, and created Merb::DM_VERSION to specify what version of DataMapper the merb stack shipped with. We now use that variable when generating the merb gemspec.
  • Merb was truncating the log file with each start. It now opens the file in append mode.
  • Many people reported that they accidentally overrode a core Merb::Controller method in their controllers, and received only an obscure warning. Merb now raises an error when you attempt to override a non-overridable method in your controller. If you want to override something anyway, call override! :your_method before doing so.
  • merb -i was silently failing for users who did not have webrat installed. We now print a warning and allow merb -i to load. Webrat is required for some advanced features that allow you to emulate the browser in the console.
  • An issue with numeric routes (ticket 1036) is now resolved.
  • An issue with cookies (ticket 1022) is now resolved.
In case people were wondering, we are working on 1.0.x in parallel with 1.1. The 1.0.x will continue to provide bugfixes for the 1.0 release, while 1.1 will add additional features in the march toward 2.0. You can get the nightlies of both the latest 1.0.x release and the 1.1 release at the edge.merbivore.com gem server.