Status Update: Merb 1.0

With Merb 1.0 right around the corner, we're buckling down and making sure that Merb is rock-solid by October 11.

A bunch of features have landed or are landing over the weekend:

  • Taking advantage of Ruby Enterprise to reduce memory overhead
  • Simplifying deployment of Merb clusters
  • Improving the errors that Merb spits out when something goes wrong inside Merb.
  • Fixing an infrastructure problem that caused Merb's logger to cause thread-safetiness issues in JRuby. Also resolve the comingling of logged information for multiple requests in threaded environments.
  • Fix several bugs in merb_helpers that were driving people nuts when trying to do non-standard things.
More on the first two this Monday. We've been doing a lot of work to make deploying Merb apps simple and efficient.
Have a great weekend!