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Amber.js (formerly SproutCore 2.0) is now Ember.js

After we announced Amber.js last week, a number of people brought Amber Smalltalk, a Smalltalk implementation written in JavaScript, to our attention. After some communication with the folks behind Amber Smalltalk, we started a discussion on Hacker News about what we should do.

Most people told us to stick with Amber.js, but a sizable minority told us to come up with a different name. After thinking about it, we didn’t feel good about the conflict and decided to choose a new name.

Henceforth, the project formerly known as SproutCore 2.0 will be known as Ember.js. Our new website is up at

(and yes, we know this is pretty ridiculous)

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You Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Good move.

Ah, I didn’t know you guys had been using the name publicly for a while. Still, I think the rename was a good move, and generating goodwill is never ridiculous.

Congrats on the new name!

Naming *is* hard – props to you and the Ember.js team.

Love the new home page docs. I like references much more than tutorials.

Long live Ember.js!

Looking forward to seeing this project take off.

@JohnnyT it’s been estimated that every pronounceable set of letters in the English language will be registered as a domain by 2017…

One day we’re going to have to deal with globally distributed naming…

Cool project, and the name change is the right thing to do. Handy that it’s early on. You’re classier than Google!

What happened to bpm and/or the build tools from SC? is that abandoned?

I for one really enjoy the sc-server idea and build tools. I think this was one of the key advantages of SC. IT provided a an eco-system approach to building JavaScript based apps – code organization, multiple environments (one of the neat features in Rails), scss support, image spriting, and lots of other good stuff. Without it, Ember.js does not have as much of an allure to many of us.

Thanks, in advance, for giving it a consideration.

Thanks for choosing a new name.


All this is pretty cool. Congratulations for your job!

Just a question: I have found a mistake in the documentation, where can I report it?

Very nice move, we in the Amber camp are very grateful. And now we also will take a closer look at Ember too… :)

regards, Göran

Ember.js is very elegant and I think I will use it for my next project. However, Backbone.js has syncing of models with the server. Is it possible with Ember.js to have a clean interface with the server?

Hey, things are sometimes ridiculous – but Ember.js looks great!

Hate to say it, but the first thing I thought of was Ender.js and got confused. There are no good names anymore :)

Good luck with the project though. :)

Absolutely cool move. Thumbs up!

The new website looks very nice and complete.

Classier than Google indeed. Ember was definitely the best new name idea from the comments.

Ember means “man” in Hungarian.
I like how you use Person as a concept in your example and write:
Ember.Object.create({ name: “Barack Obama” });

Geez, so this is where you Amber folks disappeared to. Glad to get reconnected! > Introduction > Ember.js at a Glance > Bindings

in that first example = Ember.Object.create({
// Ending a property with 'Binding' tells Ember to
// create a binding to the presidentName property.
presidentNameBinding: ''

where is 'presidentName'? I see only 'presidentNameBinding' on country object.

Other than above, I thank you all for your efforts bringing this framework, and wish you a happy & peaceful new year 2012


maybe im deep enough into javascript, but I have some what hard time differentiate ender.js ember.js

Where are all the Ember users ? Is there a google group or something where y’all be hanging out ?

Replying to queries here is harder work :-)

Jagadeesh: nnnnnBinding : “string” creates a property called nnnnnn that will be updated when “string” updates.

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