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Textmate Search in a Folder (with grep) Part Deux

I posted my initial “Search in a Folder” solution a couple of days ago, and it turned out it had a few bugs (like the backgrounded ruby script never closing, and thus spawning a new ruby process for each time you loaded up the window. There were other user-experience annoyances, too. The good news is that that’s all in the past now.

The new version of the Wycats bundle has the following changes:

  • I am now using a utility window, so the search window always remains in front
  • I am now tracking open windows, so if you have an open window, another one doesn’t open
  • I track all available exit conditions and correctly exit the event loop
  • Other bugfixes and tweaks

Download version 1.0.1 today!

4 Responses to “Textmate Search in a Folder (with grep) Part Deux”


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Victor Bartel


Installed this Bundle. Its not working for me. If i do Shift+Command+f its still trying to search in whole project only.

So i changed the short cut to Control+Command+f … still no luck.

Any ideas?


Very nice. If I could, I would make sweet, sweet love to this bundle. Seriously — good work. Textmate is a fine editor, but its searching capabilities leave a lot to be desired. This improves things greatly. Thanks!

Thanks Yehuda, works a treat.

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