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jQuery in Action (w00t)

Some of you might know that I’m writing a jQuery book for Manning called jQuery in Action. It’s pretty awesome, and includes a bunch of labs and exercises that are unique to it. My coauthor is Bear Bibeault (pronounced Bee-Bo), who coauthored Ajax in Practice (and hilariously enough, Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action).

It’s intended for people who already know some JavaScript, but still have questions about jQuery. It’s thorough, while going beyond the typical API runthrough (there are excellent examples; in later chapters, especially Ajax, the examples run through the entire chapter and show you how to complete a fairly detailed, yet typical project using jQuery).

Anyhow, check it out. If you buy now, you get the early-access chapters, which is the equivalent of the PragProgs’ beta book stuff. We’ve already released betas of chapters 1-8 (of 9), so there’s a lot there.

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First of – Congratulations on your book. I hope it comes out soon so I can learn more jquery.

Second, I am sorry if this comment is in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find a proper one.

You seem to know a lot about jquery, so maybe you can help me. No one else I asked have been able to:

I am using two plugins found in the jquery website:

1. History/Remote by Klaus


2. Livequery

History remote ads back button functionality to ajax. Livequery binds the loaded ajax so that the links loaded work.

They both work…I just cannot figure out how to make them work together.


I have a menu on my MAIN page with 2 links. MLINK1 and MLINK2

when I click on MLINK1 it loads a page (through ajax call) inside MAIN. This page has another link that is binded by livequery.

The problem starts when I click on MLINK1 again. It seems that the link gets messed up and loads MAIN page inside MAIN page.

This is the link to both plugins:

history plugin:

live plugin:

I have already tried using event bubbling and event handling and the result is the same. In my opinion ajax without history is pretty useless when it comes to navigation. If you know a solution or any other method let me know. I have been looking everywhere and for about a week and cannot find anything.


Congratulations, thats awesome. Can’t wait till it’s out.


“jQuery in Action” – начал читать русский перевод этой книги. Книга очень интересна, проста в понимании простому читателю, воспроизводит неизгладимое впечатление.

Thanks!!! )))

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